Paris Hilton is on Display

A guy from Cranston, Rhode Island created what is perhaps the scariest Christmas display ever. He has gigantic pictures of almost naked Paris Hilton all over his front lawn, and for some reason, most of his neighbors are not happy with the display. I have no idea what pictures of a humongous praying mantis have to do with Christmas, but that guy really went all out. This makes my display of guys dressed in reindeer suits holding AK-47s and shooting live rounds at a 20 ft. Santa Clause seem tame by comparison. I thought the blood stained snow at Santa’s feet was also a nice touch, but that Rhode Island guy is the best thing since John Carpenter. Man, I hate losing.

These pictures of her are from a couple of nights ago and I’ve seen other recent pictures of her with long hair. She either wears wigs or extensions, or both, but without them she’s almost bald. She has about three hairs she spreads all over her tiny head when it’s not covered with horse hair.