Jennifer Lopez Sucks Butts

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony were forced to evacuate the set of their movie yesterday when a fire broke out under Lopez’s trailer. It was an electrical fire which burned and was extinguished underground.

Judging by how carelessly Jennifer is ashing all over the place as she puffs that ciggy in these pictures below from the night before the fire, I’m going to assume she did something stupid and set the fire. Because I can’t stand Jennifer Lopez. And since I can’t stand her, I’ve decided everything is her fault. Then again, it is really nice of her to take pity on someone by marrying him even though he is obviously dying of some flesh eating bacteria/virus/thing. And I really shouldn’t question her smoking when she’s supposedly a singer. All of her songs are overproduced in order to mask her inability to sing, so it doesn’t matter if her voice will soon sound like Ned’s from South Park. Also, in her defense, I’m sure there’s an ashtray made of mink fur laying on the ground there somewhere, so that’s really not a fire hazard. Lastly, she and that thing-beast she’s married to clearly make really good choices as evidenced by their taste in clothing. Yeah, no, I love J-Lo the Arsonist a whole not lot.


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