Brad Really Really Loves Angelina

This article reports Brad Pitt has already proposed marriage to Angelina Jolie. A whole bunch of times.

Brad Pitt is said to be proposing to lover Angelina Jolie – every day. The heartthrob actor is allegedly desperate to tie the knot with the pillow-lipped beauty – but she doesn’t want to hurry to the altar. A friend claimed: “Angie is addicted to her independence. She’s happy with Brad and doesn’t want to jinx the relationship.” The insider says Angelina wants to make sure her romance with Brad – who has filed a legal bid to officially adopt her two children, Maddox and baby Zahara – is right before she ties the knot.”

It’s so hot how Angelina turns people to drooling dorks. She was even able to turn Brad Pitt into one. And he comes across as a pretty cool and level headed guy for the most part. Angie has all the control here, though. When Brad starts getting all mushy, she grabs him by his hair and throws him down on the bed. While she’s straddling him, she does a striptease and instructs him not to touch her. She’s wearing six inch stiletto heels, she stands on the bed when the only thing left on her is her g-string. She removes her panties one leg at a time. When she gets to the right leg, she places her stiletto covered foot on his forehead and pushes his head into the pillow as the lets the g-string slide down her long leg and land on his face. Then she removes her foot, jumps off the bed and tells him to go to the store and pick up some milk and diapers. Most of the time I have a one track mind, so this is how I picture things going down in the Jolie-Pitt house. Speaking of Jolie-Pitt …

Maddox and Zahara’s name change petition has been filed. I scanned copies of the petition and posted them below. Angie’s signature is on it! Like, oh my gawd! Anyway, the hearing on the petition for change of names is set for 9:00 a.m. on January 14th, 2006. Contact Music is reporting that Pitt faces quite a bit of legal wrangling and money spending to become the adoptive father of the kids since he’s not Angelina’s husband, so a wedding may be sooner than we think if they want to cut through the red tape a little sooner.

And speaking of drooling dorks, Angelina was swarmed by a crapload of paparazzi the other night as she arrived at a human rights benefit.


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