Kevin Federline Gets His Toys Taken Away

News surfaced last week that Britney Spears kicked Federline out of the house after a blowout which allegedly stemmed from her being fed up with his constant partying and she came home (from, I don’t know, digging in trash cans to find a new outfit for herself, I guess) and found Federline had invited his friend/dope dealer over to help him babysit their baby while she was away. Page Six is reporting today that the rumors of the fights are true and the pictures seen below which show KFed’s Ferrari being towed away from her home and to a dealership confirm she is trying to sell his car.

A spy in Spears’ camp told PAGE SIX, ‘She is trying to repossess the $200,000 Ferrari she bought him. She is sick and tired of his partying ways and the constant flow of complete drug addicts coming in and out of her house.’ The fight that led to Spears booting Federline from their home reportedly began over his having his “weedman” – or pot dealer – over to the house and hanging around their newborn son, Sean Preston.”

A friend of Federline said, “The problem is Britney’s mom [Lynne Spears]. She hates Kevin. Since the day Britney had the baby, she has not left Britney’s side. She moved into the hospital during the birth, and when Britney left the hospital, the mother moved into the house. “[Lynne] insists on doing everything for the baby,” our source continued. “She feeds it, she cleans it, she bathes it, and she won’t let Kevin touch him. She says Kevin holds it wrong, that he doesn’t know what he is doing – he has two other kids! Britney gets mad when he complains because she says, ‘My mom is doing everything, leave her alone!’ “Kevin can’t leave Britney because she’s got all the money, but it’s awful. Her mom hates him, and she won’t get out of the house. The mom and everyone around Britney is telling her to get rid of Kevin. Kevin isn’t going anywhere – Britney is picking up the bills.”

I love how the “friend” calls the baby “it”. That’s probably what KFed calls Sean since he’s spent so little time with the kid he forgot what sex he is. It’s probably what he calls all of his kids since the chances are pretty good he can’t even remember their names. I know there are only three kids (that we know of), but that’s a lot for a bonehead like Federline to handle. It’s hard enough to work through all of the bong resin on his brain and call out the right girl’s name when he’s having sex with Britney.

These pictures were supposedly taken of Federline the day he was kicked out, which was also Britney’s 24th birthday. Nice purse and bun, sweetie.