Kevin Federline is a Desperate Loser

I apologize for another Britney/KFed post today, but news about them is simply unavoidable. This article explains how KFed’s failed music career cost Britney over a million dollars, and this article accompanies the pictures below taken of Federline in Las Vegas last night. Britney was in Vegas for the Billboard awards. Federline followed her there and blew up her phone with non-stop phone calls begging her forgiveness and begging for his Ferrari.

The pop babe was reportedly so upset she refused to appear at the star-studded awards bash. A source is quoted in Britain’s The Sun newspaper as saying: “He loves his car almost as much as he loves Britney. He was devastated when he heard she’d sent it back to the dealer. He’s been calling all the time asking for forgiveness, saying he wants to be together as a family. He angered Britney by asking for his car but backed off when she got mad and went out with pals.”

Ah, yes. Yet another story which tells the tales of the trials and tribulations of being new parents, yet these are unique because neither of the parents are ever with the new baby. Either Britney’s mother is taking care of the baby, or the nanny is taking care of the baby. Britney is busy feeling sorry for herself and shopping, and Kevin is out getting high, smoking, drinking and spending Britney’s money. So pretty much nothing has changed since before they had the baby except they both got uglier. Sean Preston is going to be the first infant runaway. He won’t even leave a note. He’ll put a do rag on over his little cornrows, pack up his onesies, diapers and carton of Newports and crawl away one day. And as he reaches the end of the driveway he’ll look back and raise his tiny middle finger saying, “Peace out, bitches.”, ’cause his parents done raised him right, y’all.

Is it just me, or does Federline look like crazy Ray Liotta in that first picture?

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