Paris Hilton Gets More Simple

The next chapter of “101 Ways to Beat a Dead Horse” is about Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie’s show, A Simple Life, being picked up for a fourth season by the E! channel. It might be fun to watch the E! channel’s version just to see how they manage to pull this off since Paris and Nicole hate each other and no longer speak to each other.

After the girls’ mysterious bust-up in January and falling ratings, the Fox network announced there was no room for The Simple Life last month. However, E! announced Monday they would take over the show, altering the format so Hilton and Richie do not have to share screen time.

So they won’t be filmed together. Paris is probably used to that since she likes to publicly make out with people who almost don’t respond to her like she was with on-again boyfriend Stavros Niarchos (“Starving Nachos”) here a few nights ago in some club, or party, or whatever. She has probably tongue kissed a bathroom stall door handle before, so this type of response is nothing new. Normally the “keep your hands on your lap and to yourself” rule only applies in strip clubs, but Stravros uses it with his own girlfriend. If a giant insect started crawling on me like that, running away while flailing my arms and screaming would probably be my reaction rather than sitting there and taking it.