Cameron Diaz is Offensive

Cameron Diaz may not be much of an actress, but she’s damn good at annoying people and not thinking before she opens that gigantic hole in her face. She managed to insult an entire group of disabled people by referring to her funky shaped body and hyperactive behavior as “spastic”.

The Charlie’s Angels star infuriated UK disability charity Scope (formerly called The Spastic Society) – who help people suffering cerebral palsy – with her inadvertent insult, and they have warned her to watch her words. A spokesperson for Scope says, “We are keen to remind Cameron Diaz that, as a role model, she should watch her language. Likening her ‘wild days’ to acting like a ‘spastic’ is extremely offensive to people with cerebral palsy and perpetuates negative assumptions about disabled people.”

I’m sure Cameron Diaz believes she’s a boiling over pot of lovable fun, so she probably thinks running around shouting things like “Retard!” is super cute coming from her. Guess what, Cameron. It’s not. Not from you. It’s funny coming from anyone but you. I’d rather slide naked down a razor blade and land in a pool filled with salt than listen to your incessant yapping. Now get back to looking miserable while you spend a small fraction of your huge, undeserved fortune like you did in these pictures below from your trip to Rome earlier this month.

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