Lindsay Lohan Makes All the Right Choices

Lindsay Lohan claims she now weighs 130 lbs. and is revealing what the crash diet was that turned her into what resembled a chewed toothpick who at one point weighed under 99 lbs. She says,

It was just a crazy diet. Nothing but cantaloupe, fruit juice and water. Plus a 2 hour workout 7 days a week.” She continued, “I nearly died. When I see pictures of myself, I looked like a starving refugee. Not an attractive sight. What was I thinking?”

Oh, I dunno, Lindz. Perhaps it was the same thing you weren’t thinking when you decided befriending media whores like Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton was a great career move for a rising star. And it’s the same thing you weren’t thinking when you let borderline pedophile Wilmer Valderrama and borderline HIV positive Jared Leto have sex with you. Hopefully today’s Page Six which reports that hotel hopping nomad, Jared Leto, has been cheating on Lindsay with some groupie in Vegas while she’s been preparing for the AMAs will bring the point home.

No time to find the right sized shoes or shave your legs before the show? Man, you are one busy rock star.

I’ll admit. I do, however, love the hair on her head.