Catching Up With Britney and Kevin Part Deux

Here are more pictures from the New York leg of the Brit and KFed “Look, We’re Still Married Tour 2005”. Star Magazine conducted a poll of its readers recently and the results prove not only do Star readers have common sense, but they took what was left behind when Britney was born without it. The results were as follows:

65% of the readers say Britney should divorce Kevin.

Only 28% of them think the couple should try marriage counseling.

91% think KFed is bad for Britney’s image.

Only 20% think Kevin really loves his wife.

98% agreed with Federline’s ex, Shar Jackson who believes the dancer is “like a leopard who will never change his spots”.

100% of me thinks Spears and Federline are functionally retarded when it comes to dressing themselves. These two go out of their way to find the dumbest and ugliest clothes and are oblivious enough to wear them with confidence in public. Pigs coat themselves in mud and feces and they still look better than these two on their best day. Come to think of it, pigs can be quite charming especially in comparision to Federline. The results of this poll would have been more favorable of the marriage had Britney married an actual pig rather than Kevin who is a considerably less intelligent barnyard animal.