Jennifer Aniston is Probably Engaged

The Sun is reporting that Vince Vaughn sold his house and moved in with Jennifer Aniston. Furthermore, Vince’s mom, Sharon, revealed Vince and Jennifer are engaged and set to marry this Christmas. She said Vince proposed when Jennifer told him she had a dream that he’s “the one”. Sharon said,

Honestly, it is the most romantic thing I have ever heard. Jen told me she had woken from her dream crying, but crying with joy. When Jen told Vince her story, she didn’t know he had been waiting for the right moment to propose. He decided there would never be a better one.”

That was a smart move on Vince’s part. Sneak in there when she’s still groggy and a little insecure about her bed head, morning breath and drool crust around her mouth. Naturally she thinks you’re truly in love with her because you make her think she’s irresistible even in that condition and you’re in, buddy. You may not be Brad Pitt, but your timing is perfect and that means you’re money … and you probably know it.

These pictures of Jennifer Aniston and her nipples are from her Late Show with David Letterman appearance a couple nights ago and I think it’s safe to say it was pretty cold outside.