50 Cent was shot by dead “Hommo”

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Fresh from the files of “I’m not as tough as I want you to think I am”, Page Six is reporting:

New York magazine music editor Ethan Brown investigates the shooting of 50 in June 2000 in his book Queens Reighns Supreme: Fat Cat, 50 Cent, and the Rise of the Hip Hop Hustler.”

Mr. Brown reveals in said book that the tough guy who shot 50 Cent is fellow artist Darryl “Hommo” Baum, who was himself fatally gunned down just three weeks later. Further, the book with the excessively long title says that 50 Cent is a big stinky liar when he claims that “Hommo” was killed in retaliation for his wounding. It seems that “Hommo” was actually killed because a fellow gang member killed one of the Cash Money Brothers crew.

Call me crazy, but wasn’t the “Cash Money Brothers” the name of Wesley Snipes’s drug cartel in New Jack City? It’s disappointing to learn that so little orginal thought and imagination went into naming their gang. But it’s nice to know that someone so hardcore gangsta’ is comfortable enough with their own sexuality to choose “Hommo” for their nickname. Back when I was bangin’, I was involved in a deadly knife fight when my gang, the Jets, had a rumble with our cross-town rivals, the Sharks. I didn’t like the way one of those Sharks was doing her jazz-hands, so I knifed her 9 times. She didn’t die, but I wish she would have. That Omarosa is one unkillable broad.

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