Britney Spears is hungry

Page Six is reporting that People magazine has outbid OK! magazine for the first look at Britney and Kevin’s baby.

OK! Magazine paid Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher $3 million for the couple’s grainy black and white wedding photos, but the British import has lost out in the bidding for Britney Spears’ baby pictures of Sean Preston Spears Federline. OK! was said to have offered up to $2 million for exclusives of the whole family together – but has lost out to People magazine. A rep for People declined comment, but a rep for Spears said, “If this is true, they will probably donate the money to charity.”

If donating the money “to charity” means Kevin is joining up with Michael Jackson’s father, Joe Jackson, “to build a multi-million dollar dance school” as explained in this MSNBC story, then Britney’s rep isn’t the big liar I thought she was.

Britney and her ten gallons of breast milk came out of hiding this weekend to consume thousands of calories with various people. There she is on Friday with Kevin who is sporting the official hairstyle of Rikers Island. I’m not sure why he didn’t go for the Jheri curl and shower cap look, but he’s keepin’ it real enough for me.

Pictured here are Britney, her straggly hair and her gaggle of gabby glam girls out and about on Saturday. I’ve always been annoyed and confused by the stupid pants Britney wears. Practically every pair she owns are about ten inches too long, drag on the ground and hide any evidence that she has feet. I’m not sure what fun house mirrors she has around the house, but these pants aren’t making her appear any taller. If she’s going for the look of a double manatee amputee, then she’s doing a fantastic job.

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