I don’t like links in that way

Hollywood Tuna has a picture of Avril Lavigne chugging a bottle of vodka and still trying too hard to convince us she’s a badass.

A Socialite’s Life quotes Fabian Basabe from Filthy Rich Cattle Drive and gives everyone yet another reason to punch him in the face if they ever see him in person. (Please?)

A Socialite’s Life also has the link to the video of the Kate Moss public cocaine binge we told you about a couple weeks ago. You can watch the video here. Thanks, Mike.

MTV.com has the story about how Benji Madden from Good Charlotte took a break from making crappy music long enough to to start a feud with Kelly Clarkson.

If you have $28 million you can buy Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt’s L.A. mansion.

Nobody ever accused Posh Spice of being a genius.

Tara Reid’s, Taradise has been cancelled and now she’s blaming the American press because they call her a drunken whore. Tara, these aren’t “rumors” or “lies” when you’re constantly pictured partying and being a drunken whore.