Justin Timberlake can’t act

Don’t bother wasting your money on Edison which features Justin Timberlake’s acting debut because it sucks. Critics are slamming the movie for its already been done a thousand times approach to script, plotline and bad casting choices.

Recalling those golden days of the Golan Globus era, “Edison” is a star-studded dud of a B-picture populated with corrupt politicians, rogue psycho cops, noble newspaper reporters and enough posturing to start up a chiropractic clinic.”

Morgan Freeman and Kevin Spacey couldn’t even save the movie because they were cast alongside Justin Timberlake and LL Cool J. Boy banders and rappers are not actors, Mr. and Ms. Casting Couch. No matter what you try to do with them, they will look, sound and act just like their boy band/rapper selves. The only exception I can think of is former New Kids on the Block member, Donnie Wahlberg, who had a small, but crucial role in The Sixth Sense which worked well because he played a drooling psycho for about five minutes and nobody recognized him. (And Marky Mark was neither a boy bander nor was he much of a rapper.) Too bad the powers that be didn’t know then what they know now, for they would have seen the same results by casting Aaron Carter and Lil’ Romeo rather than Timberlake and LL Cool J and saved a bunch of money.


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