Moss is fired, AMAs are lame and Bon Jovi is right

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It didn’t take long after Kate Moss’s public coke binge for her to get dropped by Burberry and Chanel. And the fallout is getting worse for the crooked toothed waif now that Ian Blair, the commissioner of the Metropolitan Police in London, is investigating and considering punishing Moss. I suppose the obvious joke here is that the best punishment would be to feed her, but it’ll be painful enough for her when she finally sobers up and realizes she was dating Pete Doherty who is almost as attractive as Anne Ramsey in Throw Momma From The Train.


For those of you who care, the nominees have been announced for this year’s American Music Awards. This list is chock full of crap, crap and more crap with a little less crappy crap here and there. Can’t wait.


I’ve never been a Bon Jovi fan especially after they resurfaced with their new metrosexual makeover, but I think I like Jon Bon Jovi now that he bashed Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and Paris Hilton during an interview with Britain’s Daily Telegraph newspaper. He said,

“Some people just court celebrity for the sake of it. People like Tom Cruise. He was always a great actor, but I think the man’s lost it. You won’t ever catch me jumping up and down on Oprah going on about how I love this woman. And then others start feeding off it. Suddenly Katie Holmes is on the cover of magazines.”

“Another one is Paris Hilton Famous for being infamous And then the people who should be getting the attention, people like Bob Dylan, aren’t. It’s sad. These people claim they hate the intrusion that fame brings but then they bring it on themselves by having huge entourages wherever they go, attracting attention to themselves.”