Ryan Reynolds is jolly

The great JoBlo has the poster for Just Friends, a holiday comedy starring Ryan Reynolds, Amy Smart, Anna Farris and – for some reason – Chris Klein. In the movie, Ryan is a record exec in a relationship with Christina Aguilera the character played by Farris. And while he looks like Ryan Reynolds now, he used to look like Ryan Reynolds in a fat suit. But now he’s thin and he gets his chance at the girl of his dreams. The moral of course is fat people can never be loved.

I don’t know how or when this happened, but fat people are like the last people it’s socially acceptable to make fun of. At some point it stopped being okay to make observations about the micks, ginnies, spics, coons, wops, chinks, gooks or kikes, regardless of its merit. Oh, and the injuns. Man, make fun of those red-devils and you’ll never hear the end of it. But, if you’re nice to them, they’ll give you tips on growing peyote and teach you to brush a pony’s hair. At least that’s my understanding. So, hey, maybe take one to see that Ryan Reynolds movie. (in eighth grade English, that’s what we called ‘coming full circle’.)

Click here to see more pics on JoBlo. Here to see the pretty funny trailer.

By they way, we got an angry email calling us racist for making fun of Jay-Z. We almost didn’t even get to it because it got buried under all the angry email calling us racist after we said Britney is a possun-eatin hick for the millionth time. Oh wait, no, it didn’t. Here’s the thing if you think I’m racist: I don’t care.