Jay-Z is Yoko

Jenny here:

I’ve seen pictures of Beyonce Knowles without the 24 lbs. of make-up, ridiculous costumes and Scandinavian girls’ hair glued to her scalp and she still manages to be pretty hot underneath it all. Factor in the fact that she can sing and dance her voluptuous tushy off and she’s quite a catch. However, the thought of her having sex with the utterly hideous Jay-Z makes her a little less appealing. And if you also consider the fact that Jay-Z (real name: Shawn Carter) is a gangster, thug, crack dealer turned rap mogul with a ginormous snout, then Beyonce’s really not so hot after all … even when she’s spread eagle on a chair and flashing her undies to the audience at this year’s World Music Awards as seen below.

I didn’t bother to include the pictures of Beyonce with the other Destiny’s children because nobody really cares about them which is probably the real reason they performed their final concert last weekend.