Oprah: “America Needs To Apologize to Katrina Victims”

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(note – I’m from Louisiana, about 5 minutes form the Mississippi border, my parents home was destroyed by Katrina, so this post is going to get pretty cathartic, and its going to be bitter, not funny, so you should probably just skip it. Sorry)

IMDb is reporting that “Oprah Winfrey is furious over the way the victims of Hurricane Katrina have been treated, and believes America owes the survivors an apology. Winfrey cut short her summer break to host special episodes of her show from the nation’s Gulf Coast and was horrified by the scenes which awaited her.”

This country owes these people an apology. This makes me so mad. This never should have happened.”

Type “Katrina fundraiser” in Google and you’re immediately hit with stories about bake sales and car washes in Black Hills, South Dakota. You read about teenage girls playing the violin in front of a gas station in California. You get websites for liberal and conservative blogs. You read about little girls selling lemonade to raise money for strangers in Minonk, Illinois. And they dont do it in front of television cameras after 6 hours of hair and makeup. Oprah’s idea of philanthropy is to give cars to her audience but never mention that the cars were provided free of charge by Pontiac. It didn’t cost her a dime, and it fact cost each recipient about 4000 dollars in taxes. In this case, she left her mansion in Indiana, drove down the private road she had the local government pay for so she could walk around the Superdome in thousand dollar boots and a gas mask.

The Katrina “victims” in New Orleans have what they have right now because of the kindness and generosity of Americans. They owe these people nothing, yet they all gave something, because that’s what Americans do, you fat arrogant bitch. Government – regardless of what party is in charge – never does anything quickly or efficiently or economically, yet only Oprah has the insight to see the sinister motive behind it all. When Hurricane Hugo hit South Carolina and caused 7 billion in damages, FEMA didn’t report for 32 days, because FEMA is not set up as a first-responder, but I’m sure Oprah is gonna mention that any day now. Her billion dollar fortune is built on white housewives watching her idiot rambling, but she’s always delighted to call Americans racist. By they way, how much food and Evian did your fat ass pound while you were down there wringing your hands and throwing gas on the fire, you mean divisive bitch.

update – This kind of turned into a thread about politics, which wasn’t my intent because no one cares about my politics, but just to be clear, if Oprah had stopped eating puppies long enough to say, “All levels of government owe these people an apology”, well then, fine, that’s her opinion. But for her to point her drumstick and say “America owes these people an apology” is just offensive and ungrateful. And also, she’s fat.