Oprah Winfrey is a bitch

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Ben Widdicombe of the New York Daily News was on a flight recently and asked the attendants who were the best and worst celebrities whom they’d had on board. Sharon Stone, Lindsay Lohan, Alicia Keyes and Julia Roberts got props for being the ­nicest. Oprah Winfrey and Reggie Jackson were said to be the least pleasant to deal with. And any diva behavior?

“Once, a couple of years ago, we had J.Lo on board,” laughed one steward. “She made us take all the free newspapers out of first class because there was a story about her that she didn’t like.”

JeLo would be told to kiss my ass, that I’m not taking everyone’s newspapers away because there’s a story that says you act exactly like youre acting right now. And besides, we’re on a plane and you’re more than welcome to walk out the door if you like. But what I find impossible to believe is that Oprah would make the “mean” list. Because her character on TV is so generous and sassy. I mean, could someone who is just pretending say “giiirrrrlllll…” whenever she has a black guest on, but suddenly morph into Jackie Kennedy when there’s a white guest. Obviously, she only does that to make the guest feel comfortable, because in her mind all black people talk like Brer Rabbit, and all white people went to prep schools in the Northeast on the crew team when not practicing our Skull and Bones secret handshake. And if anyone thinks different, you’re a racist. As Oprah will gladly point out.


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