Heidi Klum is optimistic

Heidi Klum – who was due with her second child on September 5, her first with new husband Seal – is determined to appear on the Victoria’s Secret runway for their televised fashion show on November 5, less than two months from now.

My trainer is going to fly in from New York and he’s gonna kick my booty.”

While I do enjoy thinking of Heidi Klum’s booty, I hope she does get herself back in shape pretty quick, and not just for the fashion show, but because pregnant women are just plain creepy. It’s so unnatural. To see something alive in there and kicking around is really unnerving. I fully expect to see a hand punch out of the mom’s chest and then something slimy scurries across the floor of the lab. If I happen to be in a lab. Otherwise, just the filthy strip club I go to that isn’t real discriminating with their “talent”.