Lindsay Lohan is healthier

Normally when you see Lindsay Lohan pictures, the only real question is if she is on her way to or from a weeklong coke binge/orgy, but things might have finally changed, since she looks better here than she has in months. And she seems to have finally put back on the 40 pounds she lost so inexplicably a few months ago. She actually looks healthier here than she has in a while, and almost back to the point where I get to call her a ‘fat freckled mess’ again. Also noteworthy is that pictures 6 and 7 are the only known pictures of Bigfoot in a two-piece. Although, I have to be honest, I’m not sure Lindsay Lohan should be trying to capture Bigfoot. I appreciate your enthusiasm and high-on-life, can-do spirit, Lindsay, but you should leave Bigfoot capturing to the professionals.

I welcome any explanation someone might have for what in God’s hell is wrong with Leelee Sobieski’s right foot in picture 6. She either has 6 toes or a four inch gap between her toes. And I’m not sure which one is creepier.