50 Cent is tired

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50 cent made good use of his time during his last tour in Iceland, mostly by banging the bejesus out of every Nordic girl that moved. Says Page Six:

The rapper bedded so many local lasses at his suite in the Nordica hotel that he had to skip his own after-party, reports rapdirt.com. Beautiful blond babes stormed 50’s rooms and a line rapidly formed for his carnal attentions. He told his G-Unit posse he was too busy between the sheets to attend the event and insisted they leave him behind.

In defense of 50, my own experience is that other countries get pretty insulted when strapping Americans such as myself visit and don’t deflower their virgins. They need our freedom loving, ass kicking seed to keep their countries strong. After my last Nordic-princess-supermodel orgy, some of the girls were so grateful and satisfied, a few of them were even moved to tears. Either that or they kept their eyes open when I specifically warned them not too. That stuff will blind you, you know.