Justin’s movie may never be seen

Alpha Dog, the movie inspired by the life of drug dealer Jesse James Hollywood and starring Bruce Willis, Sharon Stone and Justin Timberlake, has already been shut down once with no real explanation, and the project was essentially dead until it was allowed to start back up, again with no word on what the problems were or how and if they had been settled. The project was fairly high profile considering it was Timberlake’s first big dramatic role, but now the movie Edison with Morgan Freeman and Kevin Spacey may make it to theaters first.

Below are some stills from Alpha that the great movie site Latino Review got their hands on, and it clearly shows that Timberlake is a rough tough drug dealer. A drug dealer who sings power ballads. They covered him in tats, which I assume was supposed to make him look tough, but I put band-aids on my Winnie the Pooh one time too, and it didn’t make him look like an IFC Champion. He still looked shockingly like a bear stuffed with fluff. But one that could still whup Justin Timberlake’s scrawny ass.