Jessica Alba cant believe there are tacos

No one asked – which hurts my feelings – but I like to call the first two pictures at the bottom here “Oh … My … God! Tacos!” And I know what you’re thinking, “Obviously I love that hat, but is it available in purple?” Well then buckle the fuck up, because, yes. It is.

Just to make this newsy, I’ll mention that Jess signed on to pretty cool sounding movie yesterday about the phenomenon called “anesthesia awareness”, which basically means that during surgery anesthesia will paralyze some people but not render them unconscious. They remain complete aware of their surroundings and they can feel everything as if they had never been anesthetized. These people are, for all intents and purposes, awake during surgery. They feel every slice of the scalpel but are unable to move or speak in any way. The great movie site JoBlo has a description of the phenomenon:

She struggled to open her eyes. She tried to move a finger or make some kind of noise so they would know she was awake. But the anesthesia had paralyzed every muscle in her body. She heard the surgeon ask for a scalpel. ‘In my head, I was screaming, Don’t cut me! Give me something! But I wasn’t making any sound at all. Then I felt him cut me. I could feel the layers of tissue coming apart. It felt like someone had punched a blowtorch into my stomach and turned it on.'”

Filming on Awake is scheduled to begin this October in New York starring Jessica Alba as the patient and Hayden Christensen as her husband. This will either be really cool, or like a 2 hour version of the Metallica One video, minus me making devil signs and screaming ‘yeah motherfuker’. Unless the movie is really really good.