Love is still fertile and Madonna is still hot

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Jenny here with a few quick links for you:

Courtney Love has confirmed the rumor that she’s pregnant. I am truly amazed this broad was able to conceive another child. I would have thought that whatever organs are still able to function in that polluted mess of a body would have packed up and left by now. I am even more amazed that there is a guy out there who wanted to have sex with her and was actually able to maintain an erection long enough to impregnate her.


Madonna’s bellybutton tops Spin Magazine’s list of Rock’s 25 Most Incredible Body Parts. I catch a lot of flack for my undying love and devotion to almost all things Madonna. I say “almost” because I haven’t forgiven her for helping keep Britney Spears on the musical radar, trying to rap on that last CD or joining a cult, but I still love that sexy bitch. And I’ll never be able to thank her enough for her book, SEX, which came out when I was in high school and contained the hottest pictures ever taken of her. It also taught me that it’s okay to have sex with other women and masturbate while straddling a mirror. That book was a better teaching aid than any of those sappy books she’s writing nowadays in a desperate attempt to equalize her karma in the eyes of her Kabbalah gods, or whatever. Those are to literature what Nick Nolte’s mugshot is to glamour photography.

Some of those very hot and very NSFW pictures from SEX can be seen here.