Eva Longoria at the VMAs

Many sociologists are now in agreement that the more Eva Longoria gets dressed up, the worse she looks. Put her in evening gowns and fake eyelashes and she looks average at best. Put her in jeans and the mud and she looks devastating. You could paint her in blood and she would look better than she did last night. In fact, that might be pretty hot. Ooo, especially if she was naked. Here she is in both of her outfits from last night’s MTV Video Music Awards. I’m not sure what madman convinced her to wear that dress, but I’m assuming his mom beat him with a pool cue and now he hates women. In the mom’s defense, I now would also like to beat him with a pool cue. So getting her out of that dress was a good start. And don’t get me wrong, that suit is awful too, but at least she doesn’t look like she’s trying to make weight as a high school wrestler.