Jack Osbourne is tricky

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Contact Music is reporting that Jack Osbourne fooled Simon Cowell into believing he was a white rapper after auditioning for X Factor (the British inspiration for American Idol). The 19-year-old adopted his hip-hop alter-ego after his mom Sharon, who is a judge on the show, suggested it would be amusing to trick her fellow judges. Osbourne says:

Yes, I was a white Goth rapper. I was pretty amused with myself that I managed to pull it off. It was mum’s idea. They (judges Cowell and Walsh) just stood there. They didn’t know what to think. But you’ll have to watch it because it’s pretty funny.”

If you ever live next to Simon Cowell and you’re trapped in a house fire, just go ahead and immolate yourself, cause based on the history of his powers of deduction, help is not on its way. Before this, I would have put Simon on an intellectual scale above a seal who can ride a skateboard, but beneath that floating robot who keeps my pool sparkling, so I’m not really surprised he’s easy to trick. For his sake, I hope he was busy thinking up new safety words for the prostitutes later, cause Jack Osbourne didn’t show up as a mime or Darth Vader, he came in wearing the same crap he always wears. It’s not really a disguise if you get it out of your closet. Granted, I’m a sexy cat burglar, and I know a thing or two about slight of hand, but if Jack Osbourne’s idea of a disguise is black eyeliner and a cape, he might as well wear a shirt that says “not Jack Osbourne”.