Tara Reid is in the zone

It’s almost admirable that Tara Reid can get as drunk as she does night after night and keep coming back for more. Except from the standpoint that she took this job on E! to remind people who she was and that she was a serious actress. Call me a master detective if you want, but I’m going to suggest that this did anything but help. I know she says she doesn’t have a drinking problem, but for her sake I hope she does, cause the only other explanation for looking like this and falling down this much is that you’ve been hit by lightning or you have a grapefruit sized tumor in your brain pressing up against whatever it is that controls balance.

update – I was kind of wondering if this girl had any friends, cause based on what I learned from the OC, friends do interventions for people like this. And also brooding bad boys who are running from their past get chicks. But back to the point: No. Tara Reid has no friends.