Paris Hilton has broken her engagement

A report of Female First UK is claiming that “Paris Hilton has split from fiance Paris Latsis because he didn’t tell his parents they were getting married. Sources claim the sexy socialite was left fuming when she threw a lavish party several weeks ago to celebrate their upcoming nuptials only to discover her handsome lover hadn’t told his wealthy Greek parents about their engagement. Said a source:

It was like a bad scene out of ‘Meet The Parents’. Two of the world’s richest families meet to celebrate their kids’ engagement, but one set of parents knows nothing about it.”

I feel compelled to mention that this may or may not be true, cause that Greece trip was a few weeks ago and this story probably would have shown up long before now. Despite what you may have heard, Paris Hilton loves attention. Just look at the way she poses on the beach for the paparazzi. But I guess that’s the sort of thing you have to do when your career is based on being little more than a life support system for a vagina.