Charlotte Church is frisky

I’m obviously a very classy dish, so I have far too much respect for the ladies to ever post pointless bikini pictures. Especially if bikinis aren’t a friend to the girl involved, but these pictures finally show the last two inches of flesh on Charlotte Church that we hadn’t seen yet, and that seemed important enough to interrupt my Saturday, even though the H for tonight’s supermodel party isn’t gonna cook itself.

I was gonna make fun of the English for being obsessed with pointless celebrities like Charlotte Church, but then I remembered that we’re the home of Tara Reid, Paris Hilton, and Nicole Richie, and suddenly that didn’t seem like such a good idea. Especially since Charlotte actually has talent. Comparing Charlotte’s voice to someone like Britney is like comparing IBM Deep Blue to that horse that counts by stomping its hoof. Besides, those people sacrificed Coventry during World War II to protect ULTRA, and courage like that gets you a pass. And to demonstrate how impressed with that I am, please note that I’m not comparing the way the lounge chair comically tips backwards in the final picture to that scene in Young Frankenstein where the monster gets on the see-saw with the little girl.