Sienna Miller is not back with Jude Law

Several sources now are reporting that Sienna Miller has officially split from fiance Jude Law. Despite rumours of a reconciliation – fuelled by photos of the pair enjoying a walk together on London’s Hampstead Heath – Miller reportedly left “completely distraught” after ending their relationship once and for all. Sources claim Miller decided to dump Jude after coming to the conclusion that she could never trust him. Says a source:

They have tried to make a go of it but it comes down to the fact that Sienna can’t trust Jude. They have been spending a lot of time together over the last few days trying to get their relationship back on track, but all they do is row. And now they have decided they are better off apart.”

Jude Law is having a pretty bad few weeks. And this may finally be the level of doom that sends him into the park, drunk and unshaven, stumbling around and yelling at demons. And it only gets worse from here, cause now is when I make my move on Sienna. I’m gonna have sparks comin out of that vagina when I get my hands on her. The townsfolk my cluck their tongues in disapproval as we live our life in sin, but let the neighbors stare, I say. We’ve hidden our love long enough. In fact, she didn’t even know about it.