Ashlee is back, Heidi is back, Kelly has back

Ashlee Simpson back on SNL: “It’s not confirmed yet, but I want to do it,” she tells Billboard of her talks to host and perform on the show around the Oct. 11 release of her new album, ‘I Am Me.’ “I’ve battled those demons. I’m ready to go back out and do it again.”

SNL is so unfunny these days its embarrassing. I almost feel bad for those people. Its like watching your grandmother try to dress sexy. The best defense for both is just to awkwardly shuffle your feet and stare at the ground until it’s over.


Heidi Klum Naked and Pregnant II : Nick (who I heard once banged Helena Bonham Carter and Katherine Heigl in the same night one time) was cool enough to send in this full page scan of Heidi Klum pregnant and naked. So that’s good news. Since the first version left so much to the much to the imagination.


Kelly Clarkson doesn’t actually sing: “Kelly Clarkson live sounds exactly like she does on her albums – thanks to a heavy reliance on back-up tracks,” reviewer Kristen Lauerman wrote in the Patriot-News of a concert in Hershey, Pennsylvania. ‘But the American Idol winner needs to remember that when you pull the microphone away from your mouth, all singing should cease.'”

In Kellys defense, it’s pretty hard to sing with your mouth full.