Its not Scarlett Johansson’s fault

Scarlett Johansson has now responded to the allegation made by producers Walter Parkes and Laurie MacDonald that the dismal box office performance of the Island was because of stars Johannson and Ewan MacGregor. And she’s pretty pissed about it. A spokesman for Scarlett said:

We find it incredible that the producers of ‘The Island’ have blamed the low box-office results on the film’s two lead actors. This is a clear-cut example of the producers’ passing the buck and not taking responsibility for their part in making calculated mistakes throughout the film’s marketing. Ms. Johansson is proud of her performance and the film. The film and the actors’ performances were overall well received by the critics. We put our trust in the professionals who sold and promoted this film. It is unforgivable that the producers continue to blame everyone but themselves.”

The only thing I can think of more entertaining than actors and producers assigning blame in the press would be a midget rodeo. Not midget bulls or horses, just midgets on normal uncontrollable bulls and untamed horses. Man, that would be awesome! Might be a good first date for me and Scarlett.