Rachel Nichols is replacing Jennifer Garner

With the confirmed casting of Rachel Nichols this year on Alias, and Jennifer Garner pregnant and making it known she would like this to be her final year on the show, speculation now is that Nichols will be groomed to take the lead when Garner moves on.

Sources say that Garner has made it clear that she probably won’t be returning to the show next year for a sixth season. Producers are apparently betting on this season’s new co-star, Rachel Nichols, to save the hit series. She plays a new spy being trained by Garner. If she’s a hit, they’re looking to make her the show’s next star.

Uhh … no one actually thinks this is gonna work do they? Alias was unwatchable last year even with Garner, and everybody loves her. The new chick does wear see-thru shirts with no bra, which I appreciate, but that’s not gonna help Alias any. Or maybe I’m just bitter because things didn’t work out with my Jennifer Garner sex robot. Just my luck, my robot turned out to be gay. At least that’s what she told me.


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