Paris Hilton marriage not a sure thing

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Paris Latsis father, Grigoris Kasidokostas, says he doesn’t think his son will marry Paris Hilton, despite their high-profile engagement. “[He] is much too young to even consider a subject like marriage,” Kasidokostas told Page Six. And Kasidokostas says (his son) hasn’t even broached the subject with him: “If he hasn’t discussed this with his own father, how serious could it be? That should tell you the whole story.”

The father denied his son is the jet-setting playboy depicted in the press: “He’s a very, very good boy . . . a gentle, down-to-earth boy . . . not a playboy by any stretch of the imagination. He doesn’t have a lot of experience with women.”

Paris Latsis has always seemed like a decent enough guy and I never understood this pairing. I remember a story where he was real critical of Hilton’s constant public exposure, and that quote by his dad makes me think that maybe he just kind of takes it as a compliment that a famous party girl would be into him. But being assassinated is kind of a compliment too if you really break it down. But only with one of those two does it burn when you pee for the rest of your life.