Angelina Jolie is too skinny

These pictures of Angelina Jolie and the Tranny taken yesterday on a trip to Toys-R-Us are a little unsettling. Not because Wakka Wakka is no where to be found, but because I don’t remember Angelina Jolie being this thin. If we hook up – and that’s a big “if”, don’t get too excited Angie – I can’t honestly say I’m super excited about my penis scraping up against solid bone. I’m all man, so I’ll get the job done, I’m just saying it would be awesome if I didn’t need a ten gallon drum of Astroglide beside the bed to do it.

I do have to admit that the Tranny looks pretty adorable here. Although he should probably be walking by himself at this point. Kids with polio walk further than he does. The kid is going to be 14 soon and unless he gets some practice he’s gonna walk like a newborn giraffe for the rest of his life.