Johnny Knoxville is pretty damn cool

The New York Daily News is reporting,

Johnny Knoxville and some friends were tossed out of a New York bar for brawling with a man who made the mistake of bothering supermodel Kate Moss, an alleged former flame of Knoxville … the violence started when Moss’ unidentified tormentor bizarrely insisted on caressing Moss on the cheek with a rose, despite Knoxville’s repeated warnings to quit it.”

“The guy was really bugging her, and then he was trying to give the rose to Johnny,” says an onlooker. “Johnny finally took him, turned him upside down and dropped him on his head. The guy got up and threw a beer bottle at him,” said the spy. “It hit someone’s arm and then shattered on Johnny’s hands. It cut him up – there was blood all over his T-shirt.”

Johnny Knoxville is no male model and he’s no genius and his career is based on him rolling in sewage with a midget in a Garfield outfit, but he seems to punch a lot of obsession worthy kitty, mostly cause he does stuff like this. Girls pretend they like poets in scarves, but what they really want is a dude who is funny and will get into bar fights. The dude running the emotional bum rush is never gonna get laid in a bar. It’s okay to cry now and again, but only if your dog dies, not because the girl hasn’t called in two days. And this brings me back to Kate Bosworth. I know these Hollywood girls don’t seem to complain much when dating these sensitive Hollywood guys, but that’s like saying a raccoon doesn’t complain when he’s eating watermelon rinds in a dumpster. That’s pretty much all there is.