Sophia Bush is almost single

Lloyd Grove in the New York Daily News this morning asks:

Is the honeymoon already over for One Tree Hill stars Chad Michael Murray and Sophia Bush, who said “I do” just three months ago? A spy reports: “The marriage is all but done. They are separated, and she is going to file for divorce imminently.” Rumors have been swirling about Murray’s allegedly naughty behavior in L.A. while the missus was out of town filming “Stay Alive,” a teen horror flick.

People really seem to hate this guy. I’m not really sure why cause I only kinda know who he is, but based on little more than these pictures, she seems kind of classy and beautiful and he looks like he just fell out of a plane. I only barely know what the hell that means, but he just always kind of looks dusty and disoriented, and his face is kind of smushed and he squints a lot. And based on the cartoons I grew up with, that’s what people look like when they fall out of planes. Or at least the coyotes.

update – a quick image search reveals that Sophia is okay with dressing up like a cheerleader and kissing other girls, and then not dressing up like a cheerleader and kissing other girls. Which moves her ranking with me from “who” to “queen of my heart.” (these pictures are pretty NSFW)