This chick looks good for once

Maybe it’s because I’m a sexy sexist pig, but I’ve always considered this chick pretty average looking. I actually think she’s a really good actress, but I’m a bit puzzled by her rep as some amazing beauty. Generally speaking, a photo shoot of her proceeded by 20 hours of hair and makeup would be like putting a fresh coat of paint on a house that’s on fire, but she looks pretty great here. So good in fact, it took me a minute to even figure out who it is. And even though I know I’m alone on that, I’ll update later and post more pictures and her name. In the meantime, throw your guess down in the comment section, if you’re into that sort of thing.

update – I’m no genius, clearly – it’s only my zest for life that continues to overcome – but I should probably put some more thought into these things to at least not label the pictures “CT”, as someone correctly pointed out. But this is Charlize Theron, in a shoot for something I’ve never heard of in a foreign language I don’t recognize. I don’t speak insane or whatever these are labeled in and foreign countries are home of the Ebola virus so I rarely leave the states, but they spell “new” “nieuwe” if that helps. Where that rack came from in the second picture, I have no idea.