Sienna Miller dumps Jude Law

Sienna Miller – who never seems to look as hot as she did in the movie ‘Layer Cake’ – has apparently dumped fiance Jude Law after it was revealed in a London tabloid on Sunday that Law had been having an affair with his children’s nanny, an aspiring actress named Daisy Wright. The third hit on a GIS turns up this picture of Daisy Wright, which confirms the fact that Jude Law is a pretty weird guy. Judging by the condition and styles of this picture, Daisy Wright has been dead for at least 150 years. So, you heard it here first, Jude Law is a necrophiliac. And this may not be a popular stand, but I just don’t believe that corpses should be hired as nannies. To that, I say “No Sir. No!” And then I put my hand out to make the “tell it to the hand” sign. It’s nice Law would give a dead woman another chance, but what happens when the dog comes and buries part of the nanny in the yard, how are the kids supposed to know what the boundaries are. Who’s really in charge? It would appear to be the dog.

update – my beloved Christie over on BWE snared a decent picture of Daisy Wright. Well done Jude. The gay rumors don’t seem so bad now, do they.