Colin Farrell is in a sex tape

I’m not really sure who convinced somebody that the world has clamoring for a sex tape from Colin Farrell, but, good news, they bought it!

Some very loud whispers that someone is not-so-quietly shopping around a video that they claim features Colin Farrell and former Playmate girlfriend Nicole Narain romping in alleged, sexual sex-tape fashion. The sellers are supposedly looking for a seven-figure upfront fee to hand over the tape for release by a distributor.

This reminds me of one of my many nights of passion spent with Krista Allen. She called me late, we had both been out drinking, I went to her home and she opened the door in nothing but 8 inch black heels and a look of lust. The air was filled with the scent of jasmine, the only light the soft flickering of candles. Our eyes did the talking, neither of us said a word, neither of us had to. We made our way to the bedroom, crossed the rose covered hardwood floor to her huge four post bed with the soft white sheets already pulled back. I couldn’t help notice the look of mischief in her eyes as she motioned to the handcuffs on the rail and the camera she had set up at the foot of the bed. I forget what happened after that.

Anyway, here are some Colin Farrell pictures on the set of Miami Vice, co-starring Jamie Foxx and directed by Michael Mann. And here is a NSFW link to some of the Playmate pictures of Nicole Narain.