Madonna lies to little kids

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Madonna claims to have written the Kabbalah-themed children’s books “Mr. Peabody’s Apples,” “Yakov and the Seven Thieves” and “Lotsa de Casha”, but Page Six says otherwise.

“…our inside source says “All of Madonna’s books are written by the Kabbalah Center’s official ghostwriter, Eitan Yardeni” … “Last summer, he flew to London to help Madonna write the last book, but she didn’t really do anything.”

I don’t know what to believe here, cause it seems unlikely that Madonna would be so brazen about writing a book she reportedly had nothing to do with, but even more unlikely is the image of her spoiled ass sitting down to write a book for kids. And maybe not even Madonna has the previously undiscovered level of arrogance needed to write a ‘money cant buy you happiness’ book while rolling around on piles of money. And then to sell the ‘money cant buy you happiness’ book for 20 bucks. Cause that would seem to make the lesson, “you can still be happy if your poor, but go ahead and shoot yourself anyway since you cant afford the book that will explain that to you.”