Pray for Buffy

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Not content to corrupt merely half of the WB Tuesday night lineup from 1998, Tom Cruise has now reportedly tricked Mission Impossible III co-star Keri Russell into the cult of scientology. At least according to Radar Online:

Ever since Russell scored her plum supporting role in Mission Impossible III, we hear, the Felicity alumna has “suddenly become very interested” in co-star Tom Cruise’s much-mocked religion and is excited to learn more from the master. She’s even been spotted buying books on Scientology and visiting the sect’s L.A. Celebrity Center.”

More mysterious is how Keri Russell even got an audition for MI3. I assume the phrase “I can’t while the dog is watching” and “ewwww its all over me” was heard a lot during her audition. And since Hollywood is filled with fucked up perverts, “A2M” was probably in there somewhere too. Quickly followed by “name above the title.” Not that any of this should worry Joey Potter. It’s not suspect at all that Russell looks exactly like a young version of Toms wife of ten years. Cause, c’mon, Keri is way too young for Tom Cruise. Wait, what … Keri Russell is two years older than Katie Holmes? Oh, uhh, never mind.