Domino Harvey is dead

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From Female First UK: “Former supermodel-turned-bounty hunter DOMINO HARVEY was found dead in a bathtub in her West Hollywood home on Monday night. She was 35. (She) was facing a possible life jail sentence over drug charges filed last year (04) … Domino quit modeling 12 years ago (93) to capture fugitives and criminals who had jumped bail. Domino’s life story has recently been the subject of KEIRA KNIGHTLEY’s new movie DOMINO, which is scheduled to hit cinema screens … in August, although it may now be delayed to incorporate the former model’s death into the storyline.”

I’m sure Domino Harvey was delightful and there are people mourning her right now, so I’m just gonna make fun of the movie version of her, which always looked suspect. First of all, for a “supermodel”, it’s suspiciously hard to find pictures of her online. The only picture I could find is that one below, with her in those white Toughskin jeans. Good luck finding a husband in those. And she’s got legs like Ricky Williams, which you generally don’t find on models. The movie says it’s mostly based on a true story, but you could pretty much say that about anything. You could say the Huffalump Movie was based on a true story if you wanted, cause “once, there was this bear…”, and then just make up the rest. Not that a girl could never be a bounty hunter, it’s just that a girl could never be a bounty hunter. If I was dating a girl who claimed she was one, I would just nod politely and then give her a new mission: “hunt” me down a piece of pie. And a glass of milk. And then I’d smack her on the ass as a send off, cause girls like to be reminded who’s in charge.

Telegraph UK has a more sobering account of Dominos life and the unbridled happiness that only a heroin addiction can bring.