Lindsay Lohan not about the drama

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From IMDb: Lindsay Lohan strode past protestors at the opening of the first American De Beers store on Wednesday, despite the shouts of angry protestors. Representatives from advocacy group Survival International, who claim De Beers’s diamond mining in Botswana has led to the evictions of Gana and Gwi bushmen, shouted “shame on you” and “cultural genocide” as celebrities arrived for the launch. When asked by reporters when she thought about the bushmen controversy, Lohan replied, “I don’t get involved in any drama.”

Lohan did not go on to add, “I’m Lindsay fuckin’ Lohan you son of a bitch. Star of a little something called “Freaky Friday”. Gee, maybe you’ve heard of it. What? No, the remake. I don’t know, like 4 years ago. It had Jamie Lee Curtis. Yes, she’s still alive. Or maybe she’s not, the point is, what do I care if DeBeers has built its empire on blood and slavery and thuggery and robbing indigenous peoples of their land. If that’s the cost of getting me a shiny rock, hey, so be it. I don’t get involved with any drama. Unless it’s something really important, like where my life-changing song is placed in Herbie: Fully Loaded. I’m trying to heal this planet, and how can I do that if people have to wait 20 minutes to hear my crappy music.”