Jenn Rivell lied about Jessica Simpson

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According to Radar Online, the phone call Jenn Rivell made to a Philadelphia radio station two weeks ago was a scam orchestrated by both Rivell and Bam Margera.

“Jennifer and Bam were holding out for the highest bidder,” says a source close to the former couple, who, we hear, are in on their “feud” together … Star shelled out $8,000 for “exclusive interviews” with Margera and Rivell in the latest issue, on stands today … A source close to the Jackass alum says that on April 19 – the night of Simpson’s supposed infidelity – Margera went back with Jessica and 10 other pals to Simpson’s parents’ house in L.A. after partying … at The Roxy until 2 a.m. … “Everyone slept at Jessica’s,” says the source, “but no one slept with Jessica, except maybe her little dog.”

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about quality relationships, it’s that nothing brings a couple together like lying about drunken infidelity on the radio for money. One of my Dr. Phil books even has a whole chapter called “Lie About Drunken Infidelity on the Radio for Money and Feel the Love Grow”. I didn’t read that chapter, cause I think I got the gist of it from the title, but I bet there are some pretty good ideas in there, cause who knows more about steamy relationships than Dr. Phil. Man that guy is hot!