‘MJ Former Publicist’ talks and talks and talks

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I didn’t really spend much time watching the Michael Jackson trial, and I turned in late to the verdict, so it took me a minute to realize if they were saying the boy at the center of the case “wasn’t credible” and Jackson was innocent or if he “was incredible” and Jackson was in love. And now that it’s over, I’d rather get advice from my grandfather about how to masturbate with a belt around my neck than spend another minute thinking about it, especially since, you know, maybe we could go fishing after that, but one story I couldn’t stop reading was a series of posts put up last night on the Data Lounge website by someone claiming to be Michael Jackson’s former publicist. There’s obviously no way to verify this, but if this person is lying, they’ve done their homework, offering insight on topics such as Michael Jackson nose being recut from ear cartilage, a morphine addiction, the reason his skin has turned white, and the long long line of ever present young boys.

You can read it all here.