Lindsay Lohan has her chest reduced

In response to test audiences who felt that Lindsay Lohans chest in the upcoming Herbie: Fully Loaded was a little too full and supple and fun to look at, Disney technicians have spent over 1 million dollars to “digitally alter numerous scenes – especially those showing Lindsay jumping up and down at a motor racing track – reducing her breasts by two cup sizes and raising revealing necklines on her T-shirts.”

Way to go there Disney. Nice job freaking out Lindsey Lohan. I know this story just came out a few days ago, but I’m sure the process started a few weeks ago, about the same time Lindsay dyed her hair and stopped eating until her glorious rack shriveled up. The same rack you told her was evil and needed to be erased. Coincidence? Probably, but screw you anyway. “The park has a dress code,” my ass. If I’m more comfortable oiled up in sandles and a thong, how dare you judge me. And since when is a big gold medallion not considered a shirt?

Thanks to Christie over on the BWE blog, you can see Lindsay in the video for ‘First’, from the movie soundtrack. “Thanks” might not be the right word.