New ‘Superman’ footage is online

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Some pretty cool footage online this morning from the new Superman movie. Here, in the 14th update to director Bryan Singer’s weblog, we see Brandon Routh as Clark Kent on his farm in Smallville in a moment of frustration throwing a baseball a couple of hundred miles. It looks pretty cool except that I’m not sure why it’s a big deal if a dude throws a baseball this far. One time I saw some cowboys abusing their horses and I threw a barn this far with all the mean cowboys inside and then I rescued all the horses and ponies and bunnies. And then I shed a single tear for the children. And did I mention that I’m a former model who comes from tremendous wealth but I walked away from all that and my father (the Colonel) has tried to buy my love but I’ve rejected that kind of opulent lifestyle. He wants me to come work at the firm, but all I care about is helping the abused animals. And the children. And doing crunches.

Just form a single line ladies, I’ve got plenty of smooches for all of you.