Lindsay Lohan still really fat

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From the New York Daily News : “Lindsay Lohan has gone from “Mean Girl” to “Lean Girl” in the blink of an eye. The teen screen queen shot to stardom on her wholesome good looks: red hair, freckles and a curvy figure. But these days the 18-year-old bottle blond looks more like a third Olsen twin with twiggy arms, jutting hips and a shrinking bosom. Lohan’s dramatic weight loss over the last year had already sparked talk of a possible eating disorder…”

(The Internet puts its hands in its pockets, whistles and stares at the ceiling. You lnow what, fuck it, would this be a bad time to mention that delusions brought on by malnutrition and week long coke binges is no excuse for aqua-blue shoes with a bright red dress. Even the homeless guy down the street knows to just stick with earth tones if you don’t have any fashion sense, and he drinks his own urine.)